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Chandra Video Series :: How do I Subscribe?

What is Podcasting?

Podcasts let you subscribe and automatically download audio and video content when it becomes available

To subscribe to a podcast, you need a couple of items:

  • Podcasting software -- There are any number of free programs that you can download to play your podcasts -- itunes and ipodder are the most common.
  • The URL of your podcast's RSS/XML feed: Beside each of our podcasts, you'll see an orange XML graphic. By clicking on this, you view the actual RSS/XML feed for that particular podcast. Most software will ask you for the URL of the podcast to which you'd like to subscribe. To provide this, click the XML graphic on the page and copy the URL that appears at the top. Note: some software, such as itunes, won't prompt you for the URL but will instead list podcasts in a directory on their site.
More Information on Podcasting and Podcasting Software

Many podcasting applications are available. At the Wikipedia Web site, there is an overview of podcasting and links for available podcasting applications. Note: Wikipedia is a collaborative Internet encyclopedia and is not affiliated with

What do I get when I've subscribed?

When you subscribe, you can go directly into your podcast software and have it search for new content. All the latest featured audio or video content from the Chandra website will automatically get downloaded for you. You can then choose to listen or view the content right then, or download it to a portable listening device for later viewing or listening.

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