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Operations CXO Status Report

Friday 2 September 2011 9.00am EDT

During the last week the observing schedule was replanned to include a 49 ks observation of the source PTF11kly that was accepted as a fast turn-around Target of Opportunity on Aug 26. The replanned loads were uplinked on Aug 27. Planned observations of SPT-CLJ2344-4242, A548e, PSR J1028-5819, SDSS J160918.93+0824, and 3C 314.1 were affected by the replan and will be rescheduled in future weeks.

A real-time procedure was executed on Sep 1 to update the on-board ephemeris.

A Chandra press release was issued on Aug 31 as a NASA press release discussing a Chandra discovery of a pair of supermassive black holes in the center of a spiral galaxy. The galaxy, called NGC 3393, is relatively nearby at a distance of about 160 million light years. The two black holes may be the byproduct of a merger between two galaxies of different sizes a billion or more years ago. For details see:

The schedule of targets for the next week is shown below and includes an observation of Swift J1834.9-0846, which was accepted as a Target of Opportunity on Aug 24, and an observation of M31* coordinated with the VLA.

 Radiation Belts                     Sep  5
         SwiftJ1834.9-0846      ACIS-S
         Terzan5                ACIS-S
         A1882b                 ACIS-S
         IGRJ11014-6103         ACIS-I       Sep  6
         A133-4                 ACIS-I
         M31*                   ACIS-S
         SDSSJ101012.65+56052   ACIS-S       Sep  7
         Radiation Belts
         Terzan5                ACIS-S       Sep  8
         PSRJ1103-53            ACIS-S
         SPT-CLJ0040-4407       ACIS-I
         A133-3 (2 obs)         ACIS-I


All spacecraft subsystems continued to support nominal operations.

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